Edmonton’s #RealtorToTheRescue Now Found at RealtyToTheRescue.ca

In the last few years, you’ve come to know us as Edmonton’s #RealtorToTheRescue. This name is near and dear to our hearts, because it describes our two greatest visions:

1. To be a realty team that helps “rescue” clients from frustrating situations in buying or selling their homes, and,

2. To help Edmonton animal rescue teams find forever homes for abandoned and mistreated animals.

Regrettably, we’ve been informed by the Canadian Real Estate Board that the Realtor to the Rescue domain name has trademark restrictions. To stay compliant, we’ve transitioned to a new domain. Our clients and friends can now find us online at RealtyToTheRescue.ca. Don’t worry, though; you’ll still know us as the #RealtorToTheRescue team. Only our domain name has changed to meet the CREB requirements. Everything else will remain exactly the same, including our brand, dedication to clients, and commitment to helping people and animals alike. So next time you tell your friends about Edmonton’s #RealtorToTheRescue team, be sure to send them to the new location for the website: RealtyToTheRescue.ca

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