Client Testimonials

“We were buying a home for the first time, and he made the process comfortable and easy to understand. He was very knowledgeable and able to answer all of our questions at any time of the day. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic realtor.”

– Brad Thiessen


“Worked with Dave and Maria in finding my first home. Their professionalism and knowledge was great. They were able to get me the house I wanted at the price that I was looking. I would definitely recommend the team to friends and family looking to buy or sell.”

– Blake Giles


“We worked with Dave and Maria on the recent sale of our downtown condo. We were very satisfied with their knowledge and professionalism. From the initial meetings deciding on an appropriate listing price, to the preparation of brochures and the various offers that came in, everything was done with high quality. These two are a team. Their ability to tag team seamlessly when decisions and documentation were required allowed us to close in two weeks! They were always on top of things and responded very quickly to any interactions we had. I would recommend this team wholeheartedly.”

– Mike Meleskie


“Amazing realtor and even better person! Would hands down recommend Dave Ozubko for any Real Estate need!”

– David Unrau


“I have referred numerous clients in Edmonton and the surrounding area to Dave and his team. Always a great experience and they always does an amazing job for anyone I have referred! I would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking to make a move in the Edmonton area!”

– Justin Becker


“We worked with Dave to sell our home in Edmonton while living in California. Because we weren’t local anymore, we knew we needed someone who was committed to helping us through all the extra details we couldn’t handle ourselves. Dave was exceptional. He managed every step of the process, kept us totally informed, and even went the extra mile. His work ethic and professionalism are second to none. I highly recommend working with Dave.”

– Shelley Osborne


“Great company and always a pleasure to work with.”

– Vivian Fishel


“We got connected to Dave through a mutual friend and had an outstanding experience. We moved from Toronto and knew we wanted to buy a house but had no clue in terms of size, design or even neighborhood. Dave guided us through the process with an enormous amount of patience and knowledge. He was supportive during our moments of indecision and compassionate when we lost out on a house. In the end we found the perfect home for our family and we couldn’t have done it without Dave. I would strongly recommend Dave for your Real Estate needs.”

– Lovneet Hayer


“Dave and his team have been amazing! The thought and care taken as he walked us through the sale and buy of a house was exceptional. Dave was persistent when it was needed and patient when the time was right. His hard work allowed us to get the home we wanted in a tight timeframe.
Dave Ozubko is the real deal!”

– Sean Farmer


“Buying your first home is a huge deal. There are so many aspects that you are not aware of until you go through the home buying process for yourself. I was very nervous and felt overwhelmed with the idea of buying a home but Dave was there every step of the way and made sure we were comfortable and understood everything clearly. He was patient and never pushy. He made it extremely clear that he was there to help us find our home, not just sell us some house. Dave gave us great advice and helped make sure we made the right decision in selecting our first home. He was very honest and trustworthy. Dave was always available and would answer any questions we had along the way. He truly goes above and beyond for his clients. I highly recommend Dave to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Makhanna Maraj


“Dave was absolutely incredible to work with from the minute we first met. A true professional in every sense of the word. I highly recommend anyone and everyone that is looking for someone to work for them in their search for a home, that Dave is the best choice out there.

My wife and I were looking for our first home together, so we had all kinds of questions and things to learn about actually purchasing a home, Dave was always responsive and willing to help us out throughout the entire process. No matter where we were or what time of day, if we needed any kind of help or information about something, he would always “go the distance” to make sure we were fully informed and that we were satisfied with any outcome.

Dave found us a perfect home and we really couldn’t be happier with how he helped bring it all together for us.”

– Ty Wing


“Dave was the second realtor I worked with when I was looking to purchase a home. I came to Dave feeling frustrated and disappointed with my experience.
Dave’s approach is respectful, personable and fun. From the showing of homes to arranging meetings he worked with my hectic schedule and remained connected to me so that I felt like I was part of the process but not the stress.
The most important part of this experience for me was trust. I felt comfortable in trusting him to manage the details and his negotiating skills advocated for me, his client.
I am incredibly happy in my new home and will highly recommend Dave. If you invest with him he will invest his time and energy to help you.”

– Jennifer Sieben


“Dave was very friendly and professional with our first home purchase. He took the time to make sure we fully understood the process and was very quick and responsive to all of our questions. He made the buying process very efficient and made sure there weren’t any major issues with the purchase. His knowledge and experience made it easy to yell the good properties from the bad. I would definitely recommend him for any house purchase. Also, it’s great to know some of the funds go towards helping out animal shelters.”

– Dallas White


“I am a first time home buyer who at the beginning of April 2016 was set to purchase a condo downtown without using a realtor. The sale had become prolonged and eventually fell through. It was finally the end of May when I was referred to Dave and I was left with a month to find a home or be forced to spend another year renting. During our initial meeting, my first impression was that he seemed all over the place and I was a little worried he might have trouble keeping things organized. I later found out that this wasn’t the case.

Dave and I went over the home buying process and discussed what I was looking for, which was something modern with at least 2 bedrooms, close to downtown and preferably with enough room my parents can stay when they come to visit. Dave was quite clear and told me I would have a lot of options unless I can get a little more specific. He wasn’t wrong… I had about 500 potential real estate matches.

I initially felt a condo was what I was looking for but Dave had recommended looking at a Duplex as well. We spent the next four weeks looking at homes, taking one night each week to look at a gruelling amount. In total I believe we looked at 30 different places (while some we had to look at twice).

Over the entire process, Dave was incredibly patient and made it clear that he wanted to help me find what I was looking for. He made suggestions and attempted to help me narrow down my list but was never pushy and trying telling me what he thinks I need but would rather try to help me find what I wanted. The reason he may have initially seemed all over the place was because he really goes all out for his clients. If I ever needed something, Dave would have no problem getting to it as soon as he could and I am certain this is how Dave treats all of his clients.

I eventually purchased a duplex that I would have never found without all of Dave’s help and guidance. I have been living in the home for just over two weeks now and as stressful as moving and first time home buying is, Dave had made it a really enjoyable experience. I would recommend Dave to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home.”

– James Day


“I am really terrible at these things and I apologize if my writing skills aren’t up to par, but here goes!

I was at my wits end with renting. Was sick of my Landlord not doing anything around the house and sick of the people upstairs treating us like garbage. Our lease was coming up and it was time to make the plunge. After a couple weeks it became clear that things were getting pretty overwhelming for us and we needed help and guidance. Our parents both recommended some realtors for us that helped them out in the past. We sat down with a couple of them and kept getting treated the same. As kids. 18 year old’s who know nothing and honestly shouldn’t be wasting their time. They didn’t do research on neighborhoods we wanted, houses, condos, nothing. It came to a point where we were back to booking all the viewings on our own. Back to square one. No help and 10x more frustrated. Almost at our breaking point my sister told me that she had a close friend that could help us out. Thats when she put us in touch with Dave. He reached out to me, explained the situation and we met that week. He took us for a beer and treated us like equals. He didn’t talk down to us, he made us feel comfortable with all of our first time home buyer demands. We had showings almost daily after that. We were all over the place as well, we didnt make things easy on him! Haha but he stuck with us and finally we found the home we wanted to make an offer on. It didnt end there though. The house was in shambles. 10 years of renters left it a dump. The seller refused to drop on the price, had actually walked away from multiple offers days before cause they wouldn’t come up to his price. So he stepped up again, he knew that we needed something since the costs were going to astronomical to clean the place up. At that point if its 100$ or 1000$ anything helps. He worked it out with the other realtor and came back with 1000$ for us to help with costs so that we could get the house we wanted. Couldn’t be happier with everything. Even to this day we are getting cards, gifts and check in’s on how things are going. We went from being on the verge of renting again out of pure frustration to buying our first home. Cant thank him enough for all the help and support.”

– Kyle Myroniuk


“Finding and buying a new home can be confusing, time-consuming, and very stressful. Contrary to that common perception, Dave listened to me and delivered a first-time home buying experience that was easy, efficient, and extremely exciting. He went above and beyond what I could have ever expected to ensure I got the home I fell in love with for the lowest cost. Even after the sale he has been patient and knowledgeable answering my questions and providing priceless homeowner advice. I will definitely use Dave in the future and I without a doubt would recommend him to anybody looking to buy or sell a home.”

– Heather Witwicki


“I was dreading starting the whole process of selling my current place and buying a new home because I had heard horror stories from friends and family who had went through the process. Working with Dave could not have been easier for my fiancé and I. Dave worked around our schedules, was on top of anything we asked him to do, and got quick results. We were able to sell our place in less than a week for exactly what we wanted, and when it came to purchase a new home he fought to get us the best deal possible. Working with Dave was an enjoyable experience and I will definitely use him in the future.”

– Barrett Jarosch


“Dave really helped to guide us through all the paperwork and procedures of selling our condo. He was committed and kept us updated every step of the way. Thank you Dave!”

– Jeff and Leanne


“Dave was referred to me from a very close friend. I placed a call to Dave explaining my plan, to sell my home in Lamont, AB and my wish to purchase a condo in Leduc, AB.  He seemed very interested in handling the deal for me and his positive feedback made me feel that this was achievable. Because of this sale being in a rural location Dave and his photographer arrived, signed the listing and had the pictures done  immediately.  Time was of the essence he arranged showings for me in Leduc within 2 weeks, and what I purchased was something he found.  From the date of listing to the day of the move it was less than 2 months. Dave was always very professional and only a phone call away which I’m positive made a the difference at this very difficult time in my life.”

– Angela Mcleod


“It was a real pleasure and such ease to work with Dave on the purchase of my first home. I found Dave to be knowledgeable, extremely personable, calming, always professional and truly the hardest worker I have ever met. He makes it clears he’s there to work for you, at all hours of the day. I appreciated his candidness, honesty, and sense of humour, which made the overall process absolutely stress free and fun! Dave, Thank you so much for such a smooth process. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to meet you!”

-Kyle Kowalski