Guide for Home Sellers


Why Choose the Dave Ozubko Real Estate Team?

No matter which REALTOR® you choose, or whether you choose to sell on your own, the challenges, decisions, and processes involved will be virtually the same. The difference that matters – and the difference that the Dave Ozubko Real Estate team makes for our clients – is in the details. We stand out by going the extra mile for our clients, from shoveling snow for an out-of-province client selling his home, to coordinating with other professionals to ensure transactions go through on tight deadlines. Client happiness is not simply an objective at the end of the transaction, but a challenge we strive to meet daily.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Our statistics speak for themselves:

  • This year, we’ve sold our homes at an average of 97.4% of their listing prices.
  • On average, we sold our listings within 36 days, compared to a market average of 57 days.
  • We’ve sold 82% of our listings this year, compared to a local average of 52%
  • Overall, you have a 55% greater chance of selling your home if you sell with the Dave Ozubko Real Estate team

Setting the Listing Price

One of the most stressful parts of selling your home is setting the listing price. A price listed too high will turn away interest, while a price listed too low could leave you disappointed that you didn’t ask for more.

To get the price right, the Dave Ozubko Real Estate team will conduct a comparative market analysis on your property. Using data from the MSL® System, we will ensure your listing price is in line with nearby properties sold recently. We also take into account:

  • Major renovations
  • Repairs needed prior to selling
  • The revenue you need to make a profit, break even, or buy your next home

Marketing Your Home

Excellent marketing is essential to attract the best potential buyers for your home. As soon as your home is listed, it’s important to advertise it on reputable websites, and to other realtors who may have interested clients.

The Dave Ozubko Real Estate team uses a balance of traditional and digital marketing techniques for our clients. While traditional methods like yard signs, newspaper advertisements, word of mouth, and open houses help in the selling process, recent statistics suggest that over 80% of buyers shop for homes online. We make sure that your property is at the forefront of the digital marketplace, and easy to search for. We will also maintain your property listing on the local MLS® System,, other reputable real estate websites, and our own site.

Negotiating the Sale

Once you have attracted an interested buyer (or buyers), the Dave Ozubko Real Estate team will negotiate the purchase on your behalf, and handle every detail. As a Certified Negotiation Specialist, Dave is able to navigate transactions quickly and thoroughly, which means you won’t miss out on a potential sale. In addition to negotiating the final purchase price for the best possible outcome, we will consider any contingencies you require, including financing, inspections, and more. Our comprehensive approach to transactions ensures nothing is left out of your sale, which means you won’t walk away with regrets or “what-ifs”.

Next Steps

If you’ve decided the Dave Ozubko Real Estate team is the right choice for you, contact us so we can get the ball rolling and start selling your home!