New Year, New View!

Are you starting the New Year off sitting at home after having too many glasses of champagne? Are you wondering “How can keep my home on trend for 2018”?  Well we at Dave Sells have the answers! Here are some of the new trends you can look forward to this 2018 season.


Ultra Violet has been named Pantones color of the year. This color is all about the glamour, high style and intriguing nature. Use this color for some impact in your foyer or a feature wall in your dining room. If you aren’t that bold, stick to some of the subdued lavender tones and you will be with the “in crowd”.

-Too hip to be square.

Circles are the shape/pattern of the season. Use this pattern on a simple throw pillow or an dramatic wallpaper feature wall.

-Move over brushed silver.

Brass is the new metallic. Bringing a warm and timeless tone to any room. Look for this trendy tap ware and kitchen hardware.

-Purple has a new best friend.

As well as the ultra violet color this year, Olive green is another color you will start to see make an appearance. Green in general will be making a big statement with colors like chartreuse and rich emeralds.

-Natural textures.

Woven baskets, stone and natural materials. Highlight views and long lasting natural elements in your home. This will keep your space looking timeless for years to come.

-Tiles, tiles, tiles

Choose a large, even oversized tile when looking to remodel a bathroom or mudroom. Not only will these tiles save time on install, they are much less maintenance.

-Heat it up a notch

We have seen previous seasons leaning toward the cooler tones. This year we are seeing warmer tones and textures making a surge toward the forefront. Velvet pillows, velvet accent chairs, bold prints, red, and yellow feature elements are just a few easy changes to update an out of date room.

And if you find that your home is just not working with your new vision, we can help you find a new one!

Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018!!! Take risks and make your home your own!


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