How to get a golf course worthy lawn

Do you want to be the envy of the neighborhood with a lush, weed free lawn? We have some tips that can help you get there.

-Aerating your lawn in the spring and then again in the fall is good pre and post-summer maintenance that will help get your lawn extra healthy.  Aeration helps water and nutrients penetrate the soil and decompose the thatch left from the year prior.

-Spreading soil and fertilizer in the patches that just will not grow. Sometimes the grass needs some more soil to grab onto after it has been compacted over the previous year. Before adding your soil, you can grab a soil testing kit from your local garden center. This will test you soils PH balance and let you know what you can add to your new soil promote healthy lawn growth.

-Go Bag less! The grass clippings will provide nutrients rich in nitrogen to your soil as they decompose and promote water retention. Using a lawn mower that has a mulching blade will accomplish this easily. Beware that you will have to regularly mow your lawn as it is difficult to mulch longer, moist grass.

-Mow your lawn when it is dry. Wet grass will clump and prevent moisture and air from reaching the grass beneath. The best time is before it rains… if you see the storm clouds coming, try to get out and mow the lawn!

-Water! Your lawn is thirsty but do not over water. Proper watering can make it harder for weeds to appear. You will want to water less for longer periods of time to promote deep root growth. This will keep your grass looking greener longer even in times of less rain.

-Change up your style. Cutting your grass in different mowing patterns will prevent the grass from laying in one direction and creating lawn mower ruts.

Following some of these tricks should help you achieve a great looking lawn. You can host the neighborhood croquet tournament!

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