Get Outside!

Summer in Edmonton can be short, so you should get out and enjoy it while you can! Not just you but your furry friends, too! Edmonton has over 40 off leash dog parks, and plenty of other outdoor options! There’s so much to do in the city with your four-legged friends in tow.

Here are a few ideas for activities that everyone will enjoy.

  • Terwillegar Dog Park is a very large park that is great for on or off leash dogs! Views of the river, walking trails, and ponds for your dogs to cool down are just a few of the features this park has to offer. If you have a large dog that needs to blow off steam, there is plenty of room for a game of fetch to tire them out!
  • Millcreek Ravine has a great wooded off-leash area with plenty of greenery and creeks. Keep to the granular area if you want to be off-leash!
  • Callingwood Dog Park has grass, gravel, trees, and it’s close to a Second Cup! What more could you ask for? Plenty of room to roam and explore!
  • Hawrelak Park has 68 hectares of grass and lake. On-leash dogs are permitted, making this a fun option for a family picnic or outing.
  • Topdog Fitness offers you the opportunity to get in shape with your pets! With a high-intensity boot camp for dogs and owners, you can walk the dog and work out at the same time. Check out their website for more details.
  • John Janzen Nature Centre is a fun choice for the whole family. The center promotes engagement with nature for your kids, and allows you to bring your pup along while on leash.
  • Whyte Ave stores are notoriously dog friendly. Many leave water bowls out to keep your pups hydrated in the heat. They are also welcoming to pets at all the outdoor festivities happening, such as The Fringe Festival!
  • Summer does have its bad days as well, and for days like that you can check out Lucky Donkey, Edmonton’s only indoor dog park! They also offer dog sitting services so you can visit the nearby Situation Brewing or El Cortez, with two hours of dog sitting for the price of one! Get out and enjoy yourself without feeling guilty.

Check out all the outdoor festivals! Edmonton is the festival city, so there are many upcoming events to check out with your pets and families! Get out and enjoy as many as you can. Keep an eye out for the Dave Sells family, and be sure to say hello!