Furry Holidays

Here at The Dave Sells Headquarters we have been thinking of all things festive. With the holidays quickly approaching we thought of a few tips to share for all your furry family members.

1) Make sure that Christmas tree is nice and secure! Especially if you have cats. We know how much they like to hide out in the tree. You do not want your tree to fall on anyone including your pets. If you are opting for a real tree this year be wary of the water. It can be full of harmful bacteria so do not let your pets drink it.

2) If you’re getting extra “jolly” this season make sure to keep your beverages out of reach of your pets. Ingesting alcohol can be very troublesome for your animals so it’s best to keep all the cocktails to yourself.

3) Carving up your favorite roast beast? The table all decked out and ready to go? Be sure your furry friends can’t get any of that food. Sweets, chocolates, carcass bones, etc. can be very harmful and result in a pricey trip to the vet (Do you have your pet insurance yet?).

4) The holidays and merry and BRIGHT. If you are lighting candles be sure they are on a good stable surface and out of your pets reach. Never leave a pet in a room with the candles burning unattended.

5) Underneath the mistletoe! Holly and mistletoe are poisonous to your pets. Switch these out for artificial when possible, just you won’t miss out on any of those holiday smooches!

6) If your planning on a Clark Griswold theme with all the lights Home Depot supplies, be sure to keep the cords, wires and batteries out of paws reach. Taping the cords to the floor or using battery or electric ornaments that can be strung up higher on the trees is a good way to avoid any incidences. Biting these cords can burn or be lethal to your pets.

7) Buying gifts for your animals this year? Take a peak at our past blog on pet safety to help select appropriate toys. Squeakers, stuffings and other small pieces can make a seemingly harmless toy potentially very harmful.

8) Loud noises and the never-ending stream of guests can also be stressful on your pets. Give them a peaceful room to get away from the hustle and bustle. Like you, they too can use a break from all the holiday rush.

Happy Holidays from Mr. & Mrs. Sells, Benson and Chapo!