Maria Seerattan

Client Care Specialist

Unlicenced Assistant

Maria is the client care specialist of the Dave Ozubko Real Estate team. Recently graduated from the Real Estate Program, Maria has taken a hands-on approach to helping clients find their dream homes. Maria handles every detail in the home buying process, so her clients don’t have to. The buyers and sellers she works with breathe easier knowing their assets are in her capable hands.

A diverse educational and professional background has given Maria the ability to see the larger picture for her real estate clients, and where every detail fits into that picture. Her background in accounting and analytics comes into play often when she’s exploring the market for clients, and her experience in the hospitality industry means she’s able to help clients with various needs and personalities. To her, exceptional customer care is the most important aspect of being a realtor. Knowing the value of small, but genuine gestures ­– like sending cards to clients, and going above and beyond in customer service – is what sets Maria apart from other Edmonton realtors.

Despite her detail-oriented approach, Maria is anything but reserved. She tells it like it is to her clients, and they appreciate her honesty, and relaxed and genuine demeanor. She knows how to have fun and enjoy what she’s doing, whether that’s going for a run with the dogs, relaxing on a patio with friends and family on a summer night, or helping a home owner spruce up their property for the best possible resale value. She brings passion and commitment to everything she does, and it shows in her work.

Maria’s clients range from first-time home buyers, to families in transition, to investment managers. Selling and buying homes always comes with hiccups. Maria anticipates these and navigates them skillfully, so her clients can have a stress-free experience, and can focus their own time and energy elsewhere. Her specialization in the home buying side of the business means she is able to put her keen eye for design to use, helping clients imagine life in a new home.

If you can’t find Maria working on listings, showings, or client appreciation projects, you might find her lending a hand to the Realty to the Rescue program. Supporting Edmonton’s rescue organizations is a passion she holds close to her heart. Her own rescue dogs are dear family members, and she hopes to help other animals find the hope and happiness of a loving home.