Dave Ozubko – Realtor Bio


With exceptional follow-through and persistence, Dave Ozubko brings highly skillful professionalism, passion and negotiation to every real estate transaction. Dave clearly understands that selling, buying and negotiating real estate transactions can be an overwhelming process. He is here to provide professional guidance with thoughtfulness, practicality and calmness.

Moreover, Dave is highly capable of solving any complicated situation to its simplest solution, helping his clients to make an informed and sensible choice. His services are always customized to each client’s individual requirements, as he considers each transaction as a special and unique connection. Due to his in-depth real estate knowledge and business insight, Dave has achieved phenomenal success in his many ventures and real estate career.

Dave has built his reputation through hard work, innovative solutions, client’s advocacy, attention to detail and loyalty. He has always set his expectations high and his impeccable dedication and friendly manner to clients is one of the key to his success.

Dave believes in exploring the many facets of property purchase or sale that inspires him each day and makes him work towards his mission of making real estate experience the best for his clients. With his finger on the pulse of the city’s residential real estate market, Dave is known for his critical insight that helps him to bring out great deals for buyers and top dollar for sellers.

Being one of the most highly driven realtors, Dave clearly understands the diverse lifestyle and preferences of people and develops a genuine commitment to find each client their ideal property. By providing highly accurate information on relevant listing and their individual benefits, Dave is capable of educating sellers and buyers to build their confidence with regard to the decisions they make about their property. In addition to being professional and committed, his ability to make challenging situations fun and enjoyable, while delivering results, allows him to meet everyone’s requirement.

Dave Ozubko’s goal is to make every client he works with a client for life. He believes that each individual is unique and every problem brings forward an opportunity to find a successful solution. His ‘whatever it takes’ attitude helps clients to overcome challenges through Dave’s highly experienced team and ultimately leads to finding their perfect home.

Dave Ozubko considers himself as a trusted real estate adviser than just a salesperson, as he believes that meeting his client’s needs and working towards their best interest is more important than just closing a deal. Adding to his business insight and knowledge is his dynamic personality and his magnetism that inspires confidence and excitement in clients.