It’s Doggone Hot Out

Its Doggone Hot Out

Dogs like people are susceptible to the heat and sun! With all of Edmonton’s outdoor festivities we don’t want to forget about their sun safety. We want your whole furry family to partake in the summer fun!

  • Water water water!!! Give your dog plenty of H2O.  Lots of establishments leave water dishes out for pets but it’s always safest to bring your own. If you don’t have one of the bottles with the built-in dish, remember to bring one.
  • Light haired dogs are more at risk for sunburn. All pet owners should pay attention to exposed areas like the nose, ears and lips.  Apply sunscreen to these areas!  Its best to avoid sunscreens with PABA or zinc – these ingredients are toxic to your dog if ingested. Remember to reapply sunscreen to your dog every 4 to 6 hours or after a long time in the water just like you would for yourself.
  • If you are taking your dog to swim in rivers or beaches watch out for a strong tide. Be sure to rinse them off after playing in the water to avoid the sand drying in their coat. As well be careful and check for algae warnings, some algae like blue-green algae are toxic to dogs.
  • A great cold treat for your pet on these hot days are ice cube treats.  Place their favorite food or treats inside an ice-cube tray before filling with water and freezing.
  • NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET IN YOUR CAR!!!!  We Cannot stress this enough.  Even with the windows down, your car can reach unsafe temperatures.
  • Make a puppy pool in your yard for them to cool off. Your pets will enjoy having a nice place to cool off while they are outside but keeping them indoors especially during the hottest parts of the day will allow them to stay cool and out of the sun.
  • Get your pet groomed. Keeping their fur tangle free and trimmed will help them stay cool.
  • Watch out for hot pavement! If it’s hot on your hand it’s hot on their paws. Dogs sweat through their foot pads so if they are walking for long periods of time on hot sidewalks it makes it difficult for them to cool off. If you don’t want to walk on it, why would they? Also, because they are closer to the ground your pets feel more of the radiant heat from the ground. Keep your walks in the markets short and sweet. Save the long play times for an evening in the park when its cooler outside.
  • Older dogs and certain breeds with snub noses should be kept indoors somewhere cool. These dogs are prone to heart and lung disease and they will have a harder time with the heat.
  • Watch for signs of heat stroke; excessive panting, weakness, high temperature, bright red gums or eyes.

Be aware of the these simple guidelines and enjoy the summer season outdoors with your pets!!

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